First of all I want to thank you so much for stopping by Simply Ana Maria! I am very excited to get the opportunity to share all the styles that inspire me. Here is a little bit about my journey and what Simply Ana Maria means to me…

About a few years ago, I had an idea about starting a fashion blog. However, I knew nothing concerning blogging. The idea of a fashion blog fascinated me as I found myself spending hours contemplating through other fashion blogs. The idea of having an original style driven by a passion seemed exciting, appealing, and most definitely challenging. Now I have begun my journey and I am very excited to see where it leads me to.

When it comes to my style, it contains a little bit of everything. Boho, edgy, chic… basically I do not have a particular approach to my blog other than just making it my own style. I think style contains more than just the clothes you see. The way one walks, talks, stands, and most importantly, the confidence all create style. I am no fashion expert. I am learning and growing more everyday.

Ultimately, my faith and family have had the greatest influence on my life and are reflections of who I am today. I am so thankful and feel very lucky to have them in my life. Thank you to those who have encouraged me in starting a fashion blog! If you have any questions or just want to chat, please email me at ana.betancur@live.com


Ana Dorner

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