Sweater Weather

It’s here, sweater season! Lets be honest the only benefit of winter are the cute sweaters that come out every year. As a stylist at Free People, I’m constantly waiting for the all the winter clothes to get out on the floor so I can start my winter wardrobe. I have recently put together some of my favorite sweaters from Free People to share with you guys and show you guys how we can either dress it up or down. For those cozy laid back days I definitely recommend your typically over-size sweater with some comfy leggings. If you’re looking for a soft, snuggly sweater that makes you feel like you’re home in bed sipping on a hot chocolate instead of braving the fierce coldness of the outside world, the Softly Vee Sweater from Free People is for you! It is seriously one the coziest, softest sweater ever! You can even wear it under a winter jacket and not be too hot. Now lets be honest, when it comes to leggings I am not one to wear printed leggings, however the Come As You Are Sweater Legging from Free People are the ideal leggings! I expect leggings to be very comfy and as stretchy as possible. Believe it or not its actually very difficult to find those perfect leggings. These sweater leggings from Free People are super soft, stretchy and the high waist is super comfy.

Hope this helps! Keep posted for some more of my favorite sweater picks!

&&Don’t forget to click the images below to purchase these items!

-Simply Ana Maria


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