Lets be Edgy!

So recently I went to Nordstrom and this leather skirt from Topshop really inspired me. I saw the skirt in the corner of my eye and pictured the perfect outfit with it. It felt like I was replaying a movie scene in my head… silly, I know. I was very hesitant at first to even try it on because in my mind I was thinking… “there is no way I can pull this skirt off with my birth baring hips.” So what the heck, I tried it on… and I LOVED it! It was actually very flattering on. I really felt inspired because I never thought I can pull of a leather skirt and there I did, in the mirror feeling super confident! So for you ladies out there thinking there is no way you can wear a leather skirt and feel confident, that is a lie! It doesn’t even have to be a leather skirt, it can be any piece of clothing that you doubt even wearing it. Don’t doubt until you try it on, because you can definitely surprise yourself (I sure did).

I paired this skirt off with a crop top, so the focus can be centered more on my waist. I also accessorized with the cutest statement necklace and a black leather bag from Target (PS. if you can’t afford a Cloe handbag like me, this is the perfect wannabe Cloe handbag and its only $30). So below will be the links to this whole outfit & keep posted for some more styles!

Leather Skirt: Option 1: Nordstrom / Option 2: Nordstrom/ Option 3: Nordstrom

Handbag: Target

Statement Necklace: Target: Sugarfix by BaubleBar

Crop Top: Option 1: Madewell / Option 2: Forever21/ Option 3: Nordstrom- Topshop

Hat: Free People

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