The Perfect Jumpsuit 

Outfit numero DOS for your Fourth of July  recommendations is this beauty right here! So the other day I was at H&M and saw this jumper on the sale rack, and I thought to myself this is the cutest jumper ever! But jumpers always have looked weird on my because of my height and hips. Like I mentioned on one of my recent post, I have been taking risk when I go shopping now! If I doubt something won’t look good on me, I’m still trying it on! This is a struggle for me because I’m always doubting and stubborn and just say NO I’m not trying it on. Well…. I had those doubt on this jumper.. So I tried it on and BAMM I loved it! It actually was so flattering on! So below will be some links to this jumpsuit and some similar ones like this one! && don’t forget to keep updated for more trends! 

– Simply Ana Maria 

        Jumpsuit: Option 1 , Option 2, Option 3

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