You guys I’m in LOVE with this dress! I recently got it from Urban Outfitters and I seriously can’t stop wearing it! It probably has to do with the fact it’s super comfy and just fits so flattering. I paired it with one of my favorite turban from Free People. Check it out and shop… Read More

Let’s talk about online boutiques for a minute. Have you ever found it difficult to shop online because you just don’t know how the dress or shirt is going to fit? Deciding what size to order when purchasing from a online store can be very challenging sometimes. However, sometimes its just nice to sit on… Read More

Happy Sunday! For today’s post lets talk about how the color R E D is totally in style! Recently, everywhere I go RED is on every display. I never payed much attention to the color red until now! I have gotten to actually LOVE the color. So the other day I purchased this sweater at… Read More

Every time I go to Target I’m never disappointed!! I have to admit, this can actually be a good and bad thing….Good for the fact they have seriously the cutest clothes and shoes, also bad because my husband and wallet might not like it!!! So, I recently went to target for just some groceries and… Read More

You guys I have to share with y’all my favorite tee ever !!! This Retro-inspired tee is currently from Free People and it’s actually very affordable. I paired it with some fun earrings, but I can not find the direct link to it. So below will be the direct link to this top and some similar… Read More

Ok, let’s talk about how ready we are for a new fall wardrobe! I recently purchased the cutest lace crop from Target and paired it with a long kimono! My favorite part about this whole outfit is the color scheme it creates ! To say the least, this whole outfit screams fall! Check the pictures… Read More

Summer is not even over and I can’t wait for some fall trends to come out! Ok… so recently I partnered with Rosalie for some fun and unique jewelry! Check the pictures below to purchase some of my top jewelry pics from Rosalie. Denim: H&M Cardigan: H&M Dress: Lucaya Necklaces The Norah ( first five… Read More

Shades of greens are always my favorite. This post was inspired by this beautiful knotted mini dress from Lucaya. As soon as I saw this dress posted on my friends boutique, I HAD to get it! This floral dress brings out such beautiful design and detail. The front knot has to be my favorite part… Read More

The Flounce- Layer Crop has to be the most flattering top anyone can purchase! Not only is this top super cute, but its also one of my favorite affordable tops! Take a look for yourself, and check the link below to purchase the Flounce- Layer Top! I also linked these sunnies, so don’t forget to… Read More