Let’s talk about online boutiques for a minute. Have you ever found it difficult to shop online because you just don’t know how the dress or shirt is going to fit? Deciding what size to order when purchasing from a online store can be very challenging sometimes. However, sometimes its just nice to sit on your bed and order clothes online, you beat the hassle of going to a chaotic mall. Don’t get me wrong, I love the mall but sometimes I just want to rest at home and watch Netflix all day! Because of this dilemma I have actually found the best boutique I like to shop at! Sabo Skirt has the cutest dresses and sets ever! They always have a variety of Instagram post of the same item but with people styling them differently. This makes it easier to see how the item can be worn or how it might fit you. Recently, I purchased this cutie of a dress from Sabo. It looks like it would be a set but its actually a dress and I Love that! So, check out Sabo Skirt and shop my look & other of my favorite pieces below.


Dress: Sabo Skirt

Favorite Picks from Sabo Skirt: Option 1 // Option 2 // Option 3 // Option 4

Straw Hat: Lack of Color

Sunnies: ILYMIX

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