With all these cold days ahead of us, it seems like the sweater weather has officially began in Atlanta! So, I have always been obsess with shaggy coats and every year I can’t wait till it gets cold enough to wear some of my favorites. The other day, was tha day that made it ok to pull out that shaggy coat! So check out the shaggy coat that made the cut for this day.. It’s from TARGET, do I need to say more? Look how cute and comfy it looks. The best part it’s actually super comfy and warm! You can pair this cutie with your favorite band tee and some black skinnies.

But don’t worry this isn’t the only shaggy coat I will be sharing with you guys, I will also share some more of my favorites through out the next few posts! Can’t wait!!!

So, Check out the pictures below and the links will be provided for this whole outfit.

Shaggy coat: Target

Band Tee: Target


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