Medellin, Colombia:

So you might be thinking why Colombia ? Well….I’m  kind of bias because I’m from here, but Medellin, Colombia has such a large variety of unique towns that make up this region . For example one day you will be in the middle of a high developed city, living the city life and then the next day you can drive an hour away and be in the most remote little town, where they still use horses as a traveling method ( this is actually my favorite part of a Colombia). Today I want to share with you the two days that we spent in the big city of Medellin. Yes, Medellin was one of the largest importer/exporter of drugs back in the Pablo Escobar years. But now it has developed into a beautiful city, with the most amazing view. Seriously everywhere you go, you can see all the mountains light up.

Where we stayed:

We stayed right in the city in a part called El Poblado. This part of Medellin is very safe and it’s very well developed. We rented a Airbnb that was AWESOME! It was located in the middle of Parque Lleras, which was perfect for eating out and great shopping! The place was huge! We had about ten people staying in one place and this place actually accommodated everyone very comfortably. Not only was it huge but it was decorated super cute and most important it was very clean!

What to do:

I wish I spent more time in the actual city because there is SO much to see. The first day we did go to the Arví Park, which is a ecological nature preserve and Pre-Hispanic archeological site. It’s really pretty and the way you get to it is pretty neat too. You have to actually go up the mountain by a cable car! This is actually a great way to see the whole city too! Like I said there is so much more to see in the actually city but due to our time we were only to be out one day!


What to wear:

So Medellin is always warm, it’s called the city of eternal spring! However, at night it gets a little chilly. I wore a variety of dresses, on of my favorite one is this super flowy long dress from Free People. The material was so light, it was actually great during the day when it got hot and at night when it got a little chilly. So my number one go to for outfits for Medellin has to be fun flowy dresses that are comfy!

Dress: Free People

Earrings: Free People

That is it! Keep posted for the next little town we went! You will fall in love & you won’t want yo miss it!

-Simply Ana Maria

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